Rafael Mello

Coordenador dos Estudos de Transmissão do Norte e Nordeste na EPE

Rafael Mello

Coordenador dos Estudos de Transmissão do Norte e Nordeste na EPE


Empresa de Pesquisa Energética – EPE (Energy Research Office) is a state-owned company whose main duty is supporting Brazilian Mines and Energy Ministry on the country’s energy policy, by means of integrated studies and analyses. These energy planning studies cover electricity (transmission and generation), oil & gas, biofuels, environmental assessment and energy savings.
I have a role in the transmission planning division, responsible mainly for choosing the new transmission assets needed in the Brazilian grid for the next 10-year horizon, based on future scenarios of load growth, new generation and influence of disruptive technologies. Duties include:

• mid- and long-term Brazilian transmission expansion planning and alternative selection:
o power flow analyses
o power system stability
o short circuit evaluation
o technical-economic assessment under multi-scenarios basis.

• Building-up and maintenance of Brazilian national grid data-base.

• Supporting ANEEL (National Electricity Agency) and MME (Mines and Energy Ministry) on the preparation activities for transmission auctions.

• Assessment of transmission detailing projects made by third parties.

• Qualification assessment of generation projects for energy auctions, concerning grid connection requirements.

• Constant interface and exchange with other institutions of Brazilian electricity sector, such as ONS (National System Operator) and distribution & transmission companies.

Main deliverables:
Study for transmission supply for Minas Gerais State – EPE-DEE-RE-133/2014
Reinforcement of Northeast – Southeast Interconnection
Assessment of the capacity upgrade of North-Southeast interconnection’s series-capacitors – EPE-DEE-NT-129/2015
Reinforcement of North/Northeast – Southeast interconnection – HVDC solution
Transmission Expansion for connection of thermal power potential in the States of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo – EPE-DEE-RE-029/2018

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