Bruno Cecchetti

Diretor na Gridspertise

Bruno Cecchetti

Diretor na Gridspertise


The partner of choice for DSOs worldwide

We accelerate the digital transformation of electricity distribution networks worldwide to deliver a new era of sustainable and reliable smart grids through innovative, flexible and customer-driven solutions that are circular by design.

Reliable smart grids are key enablers of the transition to a decarbonized world. They allow for the large-scale uptake of renewable and distributed generation, such as industrial and residential photovoltaic power systems, and for the electrification of end uses.

We partner with DSOs all over the world to help them advance their power distribution networks, delivering integrated, cutting edge and sustainable smart grid solutions to make energy infrastructure fit to meet the evolving needs of grid users and electricity end customers. Our solutions provide benefits for the entire electric ecosystem:

For DSOs They increase service quality, reduce operating costs, optimize investments in new infrastructure and enhance safety, productivity and sustainability of field operations.

For grid users They provide a platform to integrate distributed energy resources and facilitate the development of the energy service market, including flexibility and electrification of end uses.

For end customers They increase the reliability of the electricity supply, facilitate electrification, foster energy efficiency and make it easier for end customers to become prosumers by taking part in energy markets.

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